After 2 years in the planning of the  “Pirate Galley”  It has been completed.

This Custom Kitchenette was inspired by a home owner that had a vision, and the will to follow it through to the end. The custom Fabricated cabinets were to have the feel and look of a Pirate Ships Galley. From the Barrel cabinets to the hardware on the Custom end panels, The home owner has thought and debated on how He wanted it to look.

The base cabinets on the outer wall are real Whiskey barrels from Kentucky Barrel.  As you can see not only are they cool looking, they are completely usable with Lazy Susan’s installed. One issue we didnt know was that when you cut these open to make a door. You find that the barrel has been burnt on the inside. Im assumeing to make the whiskey have a ask taste? Any way we had to grind out the insides of the barrels before they could be laquered and lazy susans assembled. (I wish I had taken pictures of Adam after he had accomplished this task. =)

Upper Barrels are hand crafted by us with doner Barrels supplied from Maine Barrel company. We would like to extend our thanks to Maine Barrel Company for their help in the procurement of these.  Highly Recommended!!!! As you can see we built these custom shelving units with the Cedar Barrels as Doors. A word of advise. Cedar barrels are sold for display use. They are not built to any kind of cabinet specs. As a result we had to take them apart and rebuild them to make our awesome barrel doors.

Of course there is the awesome Custom Island with a hand built copper farm sink.

These are Dish Washer Drawers. Sweet Built ins.

Of course you cant miss the outstanding Hand Crafted Russian Range hood. Absolutely breathtaking.

Then there is the Totally Custom hand crafted copper edge work on the Granite counter tops. The Tops were fabricated by Unique Granite out of Salt Lake City. The owner learned the craft of  applying copper, and silver to counter edges while working in the shops at Disney Land. As you can see it is a painstaking endeavor complete with the addition of bolt heads. After the pictures of this top I will add a couple of Unique other optional  edges.

This is a hand applied Silver edge.

This is another hand Applied Copper edge with a rope mold added.

The final component to the Pirate Galley is the neat built in Sub Zero Fridge/Freezer combo. This was purchased by the Homeowner prior to the Idea of the Pirate Gallery.

The other end is the Awesome Lemar Flat Back Hex Aquarium. The custom wrap and hood was crafted by some one else. The home owner did some trade work for it.

As you know we are involved in the local Marine Community and are impressed in the homeowners superb reef keeping skills.

We hope you have enjoyed a little peak at our Pirates Galley.