Handy man

The amount of people getting taken by Handy men has become increasingly distressing over the last few months,. In the state of Utah, Handy men are only licensed to do a maximum of $1000 per job. Including both material and labor. What we are finding is that these people are performing jobs way out of their legal range. How does this happen? They underbid legitimate shops. This happens due to them not having the proper licenses and insurance. They typically do not have a “shop” or any other place of business. No overhead, No insurance, No body to go after if/when things go bad.

What is happening is these Handy men are starting jobs and collecting their deposits. Then they either don’t come back or do sub par work because they either don’t have the skill or proper tools. There are many more Handy men doing a great job and working with in their legal bounds than not. However it is an ever increasing issue.

Please be careful and make sure your protected when hiring someone to work on your castle. Liability Insurance protects you in the event of a fire or other damage caused from your contractor. Workman’s comp protects you from an employee of the contractor suing you should he get hurt on your job. And a brick and mortar building, which the contractor works out of, protects you from a “fly by night” guy from just disappearing.

None of these things can protect you completely, but it surly gives you some peace of mind. Thanks Dion

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